Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Favorite Perfume

Hello Lovelies,

I have always been very picky when it comes to picking a perfume that I like. Recently I was given a perfume as a gift and my first thought was that I should probably return it because I most likely wont like the scent. But I caved in and decided that I was going to try it out, and amazingly it is now my most favorite perfume ever!

It is the Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs! The scent is sweet and it has a light floral touch! I love to put one spritz on my neck and one on my wrist which I then rub into my other wrist as well! It lasts all day without having such an overpowering scent. 

The bottle design is super cute with the classic daisy perfume bottle and the cap with the multicolored daisies on it!

Let me know what your favorite perfumes are! Oh, and if you have any questions about the Daisy Sunshine perfume don't hesitate to ask!



  1. I love this perfume! Such a nice scent


  2. Hi, I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award, please don't feel obligated to do it, I just felt it would be rude not to pass it on. You can find out more on my blog


    Thank you
    Lindsay x

  3. I love this perfume! Everytime I go to the mall I think about purchasing it. I keep holding out for a good deal. Lol, gotta have my deals!

    Whimsical Allure