Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Benefits of Rosewater

Hello Lovelies,

Lets talk rosewater! I have always been around rosewater as my culture includes it in many desserts and fragrances. Rosewater is a magical thing that had many benefits that are great for your skin!

I have been using rosewater as a facial mist after I cleanse my face and it has been really beneficial for my skin!
I make the spray by adding filtered water to a spray bottle till it is about halfway filled, then I add rosewater till it is full. I spray this on my face after cleansing.

Here are the benefits of rosewater:
1. It helps fight acne and other skin issues.
2. It hydrates and lightly moisturizes your skin.
3. Helps reduce stressed skin.
4. Prevents fine lines.
5. It acts as a toner for the skin.
6. Helps revitalize and strengthen skin cells.

If you haven't added rosewater to your routine I would start now and reap the benefits! Hope you enjoyed this post!


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