Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Frizz T-Shirt Trick

Hello Lovelies,

So as a self proclaimed procrastinator, I always slack on trying new things. I have recently started trying a little trick that I have heard of for a few years now and I can't believe I didn't actually try this earlier. As a girl with frizzy and stubborn hair I am always looking for new ways to eliminate frizz and I think I just found the trick for me!

The T-shirt Trick!

It sounds silly but it actually works for me and probably will for anyone with frizzy hair. Something about the material in a t-shirt that helps reduce frizz and keeps curls looking good! I apply frizz serum prior to putting on the t-shirt, this helps a little but it is the shirt that does the trick.

Here is how I wrap my hair in the shirt. I first open the base of the shirt and put all my hair in it. Then I roll it like it is a towel and use a hair band to secure it on top of my head. I leave it for about an hour or so and then take it off and let it air dry.  The curls in my hair are more defined and silky looking without frizz.

Love crazy but simple hacks like this one! I can't believe I didn't use it earlier!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Selling Your Used Clothes For Money

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday my friends and I went on a little mission to see whether we can sell some of our used clothes to resale shops. This is a simple way to make a little extra summer money and I wanted to share my experience with you.

My friends and I started at Crossroads Trading Co. and we have sold to this resale store before and they have guidelines on their website where they tell you what they are currently buying. We tried to tailor the things we wanted to sell to their guideline but this time they seemed to be more picky as they didn't take a single item. It wasn't a pleasant experience because the employee who was looking at our clothes was barely looking at them.

We decided to search for another retail store to see if they would buy our things. While looking up places on yelp we stumbled across Uptown Cheapskate. This is also a resale store and they were more accepting of the items we had brought. I had two bags full and they only took 6 items but it was better than nothing. They were mostly looking for clothes that was in really good condition and still looked new or barely worn. The experience was good and it didn't take that long to sell our items. The employees actually took their time to look at our items.

I would definitely recommend Uptown Cheapskate if you have regular clothing items that are in really good condition to sell, but I would only recommend Crossroads if you have designer items that could be sold at a higher price because they seem to be more picky.

Total I made about 20 dollars for 6 items (mostly tops). Not bad for clothes I would never wear again. :)

Anyways I just wanted to share my experience and let you guys know of a way to make a little extra cash over this summer.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Favorite Daiso Beauty Products

Hello Lovelies,

I am not sure if many of you know about Daiso but I am hoping that you do because it is am amazing store to find everyday things for only $1.50. In this post I am going to talk about some of my favorite beauty products. These products, I am either using on a daily basis or have repurchased them multiple times. So lets get right into it!

1. Eye Lash Curler
 This is an essential in my everyday makeup routine and this does the job! For the price it is amazing and works as well as my higher priced eye lash curler. It's a great essential buy and is good for everyday use and I think its great to also have a backup eye lash curler lying around because you never know when you will need it.

2. Blotting Paper
I love this blotting paper because it is larger than the clean and clear ones and it also comes in packs that can be placed on your vanity for easy access. This specific pack comes with 100 sheets but there are packs that come with more or less sheets and some that are specifically made in travel size.

3. Charcoal Peel Off Mask
This mask has become popular all over the web and many individuals are doing YouTube reviews on it. I have used it multiple times, either just on my nose or my entire face, and love how it works. It is fast and simple and I love that it is peel off. I would definitely recommend opening up your pores with a warm towel before using it to get the best results.

4. Bobby Pins
This is a pack of 50 bobby pins and they are the best bobby pins I have ever used. They seriously don't move at all once you put them on. The pins are more on the tighter side and are flat and wide as opposed to the regular ones we use that are round and not as tight. I literally drive all the way to the store just for these. They are a must have!

5. Nail Clipper
I love this nail clipper because it is on the larger side which makes it easier to use. One key feature that makes it come on my favorites list is that it catches all the nail clippings so that you can throw them all out together. (yes nail clipping are gross!!) This makes the process easier and less of a mess. Clip your nails and throw them out. Done!

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and if you haven't checked out Daiso yet I would highly encourage you to do so! (beware you may get addicted to the low prices and cute items they have there!)


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Benefits of Rosewater

Hello Lovelies,

Lets talk rosewater! I have always been around rosewater as my culture includes it in many desserts and fragrances. Rosewater is a magical thing that had many benefits that are great for your skin!

I have been using rosewater as a facial mist after I cleanse my face and it has been really beneficial for my skin!
I make the spray by adding filtered water to a spray bottle till it is about halfway filled, then I add rosewater till it is full. I spray this on my face after cleansing.

Here are the benefits of rosewater:
1. It helps fight acne and other skin issues.
2. It hydrates and lightly moisturizes your skin.
3. Helps reduce stressed skin.
4. Prevents fine lines.
5. It acts as a toner for the skin.
6. Helps revitalize and strengthen skin cells.

If you haven't added rosewater to your routine I would start now and reap the benefits! Hope you enjoyed this post!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

How To Stay Motivated

Hello Lovelies,

It's always hard to stay motivated, whether it be regarding school, working out, or just simply keeping away from lazy spells. I always tend to fall off the wagon right when I start feeling like I am comfortable in the position I am in and then lose track of everything and fall behind. Motivation is mental and keeping yourself in the right state of mind is key to promote motivation.

So how do you keep motivated?

Well here are a few ways that I like to help myself stay motivated and reach my goals.

The first tip I have is to get organized and plan. It sounds simple but it actually takes a little work be able to plan and organize your life. One way I do this is by printing out a calender from online and then write in everything from school work, test days, gym days, cleaning, to reward days. This is a method that makes you see what is planned and keeps you mentally aware of what you want to do and get done. Seeing is believing and this way you can believe that you will get everything done and stay motivated to get to your goals.

Being selective is in regards to staying healthy and being fit. Be selective when buying groceries and be picky, yes be picky because then you can ensure only the best for your health and this will in turn motivate you to pick only the best things that will promote your well being. This is a way of making your mind accustomed to being selective and actually caring and putting in the effort to consciously choose what is the healthiest and best option. Yes it's hard but it works when you put your mind into it. (see what I did there ... haha)

I live by this last one because pinterest is a fascinating place but it can also hurt your motivation if used irresponsibly. Using pinterest to get motivated is a really good idea, reading positive quotes, learning about meditation, seeing healthy food options, and at home workouts really can get a person going. Some pinterest tabs I love to look under are Health & Fitness, Quotes (specifically inspirational or motivational quotes), and Women's Fashion. These three show great examples of goals and promoting motivation through visuals and it has really helped me stay motivated, funny to say, but it works!

Anyways, these are a few ways that I stay motivated especially right now as I am trying to eat healthy, workout regularly and keep my grades up as the spring semester is quickly coming to an end.

Hope you liked this post and let me know how you stay motivated, because I would love to know!!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Favorite Drugstore Foundation

Hello Lovelies,

I recently ran out of my favorite drugstore foundation, Revlon Colorstay, and decided to try something new. Wanting a foundation that was medium coverage for normal to oily skin, I went for the Maybelline Matte and Poreless.

I have been wearing it for a week now and feel that I am liking a bit more than the Revlon Colorstay. It sets quickly and looks amazing on the skin. It is not extremely matte but with a setting powder, that is when it looks the most matte. It lasts perfectly for a solid 5 hours and after that only one touch up is needed, which in my books is pretty good! The claim that it makes you poreless made me a little skeptical because when I initially applied it I did so without primer and it definitely didn't make me poreless. With primer, which is expected, it gives a poreless look! I am really happy with this drugstore foundation and how it preforms. If you like a matte finish, this is the way to go!

Tell me your favorite drugstore foundation in the comments!!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Natural Acne Remedy

Hello Lovelies,

Yes! Another natural treatment post!

I have been all into keeping my skincare natural and free from chemicals for a while now. Since I was a young teenager I have had acne, especially some cystic acne in the past three years and was told that I should take antibiotics for it. Being hesitant, I researched and decided I didn't want to go forth with antibiotics so I went with the next best thing....
...Apple Cider Vinegar!

Since I have started having acv everyday I have been able to calm my cystic acne and slowly heal my skin! First thing in the morning I pour myself a glass of water and add about a teaspoon of acv to it and drink it. Yes that is seriously it! You can also apply it to your skin but you need to make sure you dilute it first with water. I have seen great results and drinking this concoction in the morning has balanced out my hormones and made the severity of my acne much less and has calmed my skin greatly.

I would definitely try out this method if you are battling acne and actually try it out for a few weeks and see if you see a difference. It's not an instant fix but it works in the long run and hey, if it doesn't work for you there are many other benefits of drinking acv, so no harm done!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Hello Lovelies,

Yes, it has been a while but I am back and ready to get things going again.

I recently ran out of my favorite Simple brand eye makeup remover and I needed one desperately and thought of other options I can use. First I tried Cetaphil lotion for sensitive skin, as I remembered my mom used to tell me that lotion can remove makeup, but it didn't do it well. So then I thought back to a post I read online that coconut oil is one of the holy grail natural products for all things beauty. I grabbed a spoonful of coconut oil and warmed up a bit between my fingers and like magic all my makeup came off!

Being the search-aholic that I am, I looked into it online and many people have raved about the benefits of using coconut oil as a makeup remover, especially because it can help grow your lashes. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and see why everyone loves it so much!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little post!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hello Lovelies,

First let me just say, Happy 2015 and hope this year is the best one yet!

I wanted to post some of the stuff I got for Christmas before the new year but I went on a little trip with family and didn't have the time to do so.

So here is what I received for Christmas!

In no specific order...

Tory Burch Clutch Bag

Love this bag so much it is very versatile and can be worn as a clutch and a shoulder bag. I still need to get the chain strap shortened because being fairly short it is a little long on me!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfumes

Well this one is actually a trio but the third one is in my purse because I love the scent so much. There is two classic daisy's which one is fresher scented and the other is the original, and the third one is daisy dream which is such a lovely light scent.

Gold Bar Necklace by Gorjana

Being a person that loves small and intricate jewelery to wear around my neck, I love this necklace. I will most likely have it on 24/7.

Invicta Watch

This watch, at first, I was unsure about, but it has grown on me and I love it for casual everyday wear. It comes in a super sturdy box that looks like a first aid kit, so I had no idea what was inside of it!

Overall, I loved everything I got for Christmas and there was a few more gifts I got that I didn't post but they where mostly makeup and clothes.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!

Let me know what your favorite gift was, I would love to know!