Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Benefits of Rosewater

Hello Lovelies,

Lets talk rosewater! I have always been around rosewater as my culture includes it in many desserts and fragrances. Rosewater is a magical thing that had many benefits that are great for your skin!

I have been using rosewater as a facial mist after I cleanse my face and it has been really beneficial for my skin!
I make the spray by adding filtered water to a spray bottle till it is about halfway filled, then I add rosewater till it is full. I spray this on my face after cleansing.

Here are the benefits of rosewater:
1. It helps fight acne and other skin issues.
2. It hydrates and lightly moisturizes your skin.
3. Helps reduce stressed skin.
4. Prevents fine lines.
5. It acts as a toner for the skin.
6. Helps revitalize and strengthen skin cells.

If you haven't added rosewater to your routine I would start now and reap the benefits! Hope you enjoyed this post!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

How To Stay Motivated

Hello Lovelies,

It's always hard to stay motivated, whether it be regarding school, working out, or just simply keeping away from lazy spells. I always tend to fall off the wagon right when I start feeling like I am comfortable in the position I am in and then lose track of everything and fall behind. Motivation is mental and keeping yourself in the right state of mind is key to promote motivation.

So how do you keep motivated?

Well here are a few ways that I like to help myself stay motivated and reach my goals.

The first tip I have is to get organized and plan. It sounds simple but it actually takes a little work be able to plan and organize your life. One way I do this is by printing out a calender from online and then write in everything from school work, test days, gym days, cleaning, to reward days. This is a method that makes you see what is planned and keeps you mentally aware of what you want to do and get done. Seeing is believing and this way you can believe that you will get everything done and stay motivated to get to your goals.

Being selective is in regards to staying healthy and being fit. Be selective when buying groceries and be picky, yes be picky because then you can ensure only the best for your health and this will in turn motivate you to pick only the best things that will promote your well being. This is a way of making your mind accustomed to being selective and actually caring and putting in the effort to consciously choose what is the healthiest and best option. Yes it's hard but it works when you put your mind into it. (see what I did there ... haha)

I live by this last one because pinterest is a fascinating place but it can also hurt your motivation if used irresponsibly. Using pinterest to get motivated is a really good idea, reading positive quotes, learning about meditation, seeing healthy food options, and at home workouts really can get a person going. Some pinterest tabs I love to look under are Health & Fitness, Quotes (specifically inspirational or motivational quotes), and Women's Fashion. These three show great examples of goals and promoting motivation through visuals and it has really helped me stay motivated, funny to say, but it works!

Anyways, these are a few ways that I stay motivated especially right now as I am trying to eat healthy, workout regularly and keep my grades up as the spring semester is quickly coming to an end.

Hope you liked this post and let me know how you stay motivated, because I would love to know!!