Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Favorite Items of the Day

Hello Lovelies,

So I think I am going to start something new where I post a few items that I find simply charming throughout the day! Today I got my package in the mail that had my new flats in them and I also bought a new candle that smells just like the holidays! Here are a few pictures I took today...

New Flats from Urban Outfitters from the brand Cooperatives. They are amazingly cute and give an edge to any outfit! Also they are actually comfortable which I was skeptical about when I first ordered them. 

I am totally loving big and bright necklaces for this season! This necklace is made out of orange sea glass and it works great with black plain tops! Perfect statement piece!

I have been craving a holiday scented candle for about a week and finally got one! It is in the scent Moroccan Holiday by Casablanca. It literally is what I think the holidays smells like! It is a pretty big candle so I am hoping it will last a while!

Hope you enjoyed my favorite items of the day!


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