Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Frizz T-Shirt Trick

Hello Lovelies,

So as a self proclaimed procrastinator, I always slack on trying new things. I have recently started trying a little trick that I have heard of for a few years now and I can't believe I didn't actually try this earlier. As a girl with frizzy and stubborn hair I am always looking for new ways to eliminate frizz and I think I just found the trick for me!

The T-shirt Trick!

It sounds silly but it actually works for me and probably will for anyone with frizzy hair. Something about the material in a t-shirt that helps reduce frizz and keeps curls looking good! I apply frizz serum prior to putting on the t-shirt, this helps a little but it is the shirt that does the trick.

Here is how I wrap my hair in the shirt. I first open the base of the shirt and put all my hair in it. Then I roll it like it is a towel and use a hair band to secure it on top of my head. I leave it for about an hour or so and then take it off and let it air dry.  The curls in my hair are more defined and silky looking without frizz.

Love crazy but simple hacks like this one! I can't believe I didn't use it earlier!


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