Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bye Bye Powder Brush, Hello Stipple Brush

Hello Lovelies,

So I just wanted to post a quick beauty tip that will help you get a more natural finish to your makeup! I used to use my powder brush for applying my powder over my foundation but I always thought it came off looking way too heavy, so now I switched to using my stipple brush!

Here is the one I personally use and love...
It is the elf stipple brush! (click on the image for more info)

I just like to tap it lightly into my lose powder and apply it in a circular motion onto my face.
This technique still gives the matte look while keeping it natural and light.

Hope you all enjoy this quick beauty tip!


  1. I too love this brush! I even use it on days I need to wear liquid foundation. No matter what kind of makeup I use it always leaves an airbrush finish! :)

    Sally-Jean @ www.antiquesncoffee.com

  2. I have this stipple brush too, he's amazing!

  3. I've heard of so many people loving this brush. Great tip!

    Ray | Obey Ray

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  5. I use these brushes too, I have 3!!! Lol but I use mine for my concealer when I'm not wearing foundation to buff it all around my face. They actually used to be called 'air brush' brushes because of the flawless finish :) love em xx