Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Canvas Art

Hello Lovelies,

Recently I was in the spirit to do some DIY projects and found some inspiration from Pinterest and from a local store! This DIY can be tailored to each individual and is super customizable.

 The first canvas represents my home state and my county! It is a super cute idea that can be changed to wherever you live! The second one is my zodiac sign in which I personally think matches me to a T!

Home State Canvas

What you will need:

8x10 Canvas (pick a size you like!)
Water Based Paint (color: Island Blue)
Glitter Paint
Red Puffy T-shirt Paint
Print out of your state (plain paper)

How To:
1. Paint the base with 2 solid coats of your chosen paint color.
2. While the base is drying cut the state out of the print out leaving the boarder intact. (to that you basically have made a paper stencil)
3. Once the base is dry place your state in the center and tape down a few of the sides to hold it in place.
4. Take the glitter paint and apply it with an inward motion starting on the paper stencil into the open area of your state. (brush from stencil into the canvas to avoid stencil leaks) Approx. 3 layers
5.  When it is almost dry take your puffy paint and draw a heart where your city/county is and state the name.
6. Let dry and add a frame if you desire!

Zodiac Canvas

What you will need:

8x10 Canvas
2 Paint colors (same color different shades)
Zodiac Sign Print Out
White Puffy T-shirt Paint
Stick on Crystals

How To:
1. Take your  darker paint and apply it to the top of the canvas. When you reach the quarter mark add a few drops of the lighter shade to the darker on and apply it to the canvas repeating every few intervals to end up with the lighter shade and an ombre effect.
2. While that is drying cut out your sign just as indicated in the home state canvas to make a stencil and stick it on to the center once the base is dry with a few pieces of tape.
3. Take your puffy paint and dot the outline first and then fill the outline with more dots! Adding crystals randomly as you go.
4. Remove the stencil and let dry! Puffy paint takes a little while to set!

These are my two DIY Canvas Art pieces! Hopefully you find my instructions easy to follow and try this out, as it is very affordable and fun to do!

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  1. I like these, very modern and that little bit different. I would MUCH rather fill my home with my own DIY projects rather than just buying things, I like a little personal touch! I did Art & Design and school and I really miss it, these projects remind me of it so much!

    Emma | The Fashion Six