Monday, July 14, 2014

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is a recipe! This one is super easy and a coffee lovers dream for a summer drink!

What you will need:

A mug of fresh brewed coffee
Milk (I used low-fat but use whatever you like)
Vanilla extract
3 Sugar cubes
Mason Jar

How to put it together: 

First, take the mason jar and fill a quarter of the jar with milk and ice. Then, take the mug of coffee and add the 3 sugar cubes and a splash of vanilla. Mix that together and using a spoon slowly pour the coffee mixture into the jar, spoonful by spoonful. Yes, that is a little tedious but I couldn't find another way to make the milk to coffee transition stand out :(. Lastly, take a straw and take a nice refreshing sip of this delicious simple iced coffee!

Hope you try out this simple yet delicious iced coffee!


  1. That looks gorgeous and delicious! I'll have to try it sometime.

    D x

  2. So cute! And looks yummy :)

  3. Coffee is my favorite. I love how it's in a mason jar. :)

  4. this looks delicious, perfect for a hot summer day! ❤