Thursday, February 20, 2014

elf Nail Polishes: Worth it or Not?

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would go for a slightly different type of post today, reviewing a product and answering the question of is it worth the buy or not.

So over Christmas holiday I got a gift consisting of 14 different elf nail polishes. I though that it was a brilliant gift seeing that I love everything about nail polish!

I first tried on the pale pink polish just to see how it was and I loved that it applied very easily and that it dried very quick. The color is so great that you could possibly pull off just applying one coat. One downside was that the smell is incredibly strong. After two days passed, the polish started chipping like crazy! Oh and not to mention that smell I talked about earlier lingered on after it was dry and through multiple washes of my hands. It made me a little sad that its application was so easy and quick but the later result was pretty terrible.

I have tried other colors since then and they all have pretty much the same effect a few days after application.
 ...But the only polishes that are truly good out of the 14 are the glitter polishes. They last and are a great addition to any polish style, and for some reason these ones don't smell as bad.

Overall, I wouldn't personally go out of my way to buy these because they do chip pretty quickly and the quality is not that good, which is expected for these affordable polishes. If you do purchase any of these I would definitely go for the glitter polishes!

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Thanks guys!


  1. I have a few Elf nail polishes and I love them! They have such a gorgeous colors.

    1. I love the colors too, they are so bright and vibrant!

  2. Nice review. I was thinking about getting Elf nail polish, but I think I might turn it down... and I'm not too big a fan of glitter polishes either. So hard to remove! Do you have any tips on removing them?

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  3. Bummer - but thanks for letting us know! I totally thought about picking one of their polish cubes up.


  4. I've always wondered what the Elf polishes are like and keep seeing mixed reviews. Think i'll have to order some myself and see...

    What A Little Pickle

  5. Thanks for suggesting the glitter colors !
    Definetly will look in to it !